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Welcome to Rushlands German Shepherds

Welcome to Rushlands German Shepherds. We have not bred now for a number of years, but can still be contacted on the above number, and we still love to get photos of past babies! Rushlands GSDs were bred with one main hope in mind. To produce wonderful puppies from trustworthy dogs, for permanent loving pet homes.  I was very careful where my pups went to, and for that I will make no apology.  I wanted the best for them, and to know that they were given every opportunity to develop into fulfilled and well adjusted examples of this noble breed.


Our dogs and bitches were always hip-scored under the BVA/ KC scheme, and stud dogs were always haemophilia tested.


I have been very fortunate in the fifty years I have lived among Shepherds, as I have met and owned some extraordinary dogs. As a child, Shootersway Kodama and Torenia Lenin completed the family home. In my early twenties, Timberwolf of Andale became my soulmate, and a number of years later, the awesome Smokey Blue Wanderer at Myter came into my world, and changed everything for me.


The first two dogs mentioned were shortcoat black and tans. The second two were long coat blues. Despite obvious differences in appearance, these four dogs exemplified, to me, the real qualities which makes the GSD so unique and so special. Each of them gave me his heart, his trust and his companionship. Each moved with precision, power, grace and ease. Each had real nobility and dignity. I loved each of them to bits.


My passion for longcoats was born with my ownership of Timber.  (Timberwolf of Andale).   He worked alongside me in a home for troubled adolescents for about eight of his years. He was known and respected for this, throughout our local Social Services. He never let me down, he was adored by everyone, and he gave love and stability to children who had known almost none. He was unique. He was bred by Mrs Annette Dinsdale, now of Netis Spinone. Timber's parents, Blue Skye of Loboas and Blue Denim of Loboas came from Mrs Frances Hill of Loboas GSDs. Sadly, neither  Annette, nor Frances breed GSDs anymore. But it was their dogs, and their passion which pointed me in the direction I chose for many years.


Wishing you well if you are searching for a puppy .

Please see 'Latest News' for details on the book 'The German Shepherd Dog - A Passion for Life'.

.............. Kate Powell xx

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