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Noble and honest. Steadfast and brave.

They gave of their best through the years that they served.

Always beside you, awaiting command,      

In you they have trusted - a faith you deserved.


Forever remembered, forever adored,

These legends of service were loyal and true.

With wisdom and patience you guided their minds,

And now for all days, they will watch over you.


For nothing can alter a partnership forged.

The memories you shared won’t diminish with time.

The tracks and the chases, the scent on the breeze.

Devotion and Duty. The fight against crime.

Wishing Geoff and police dog 'Frank' a long, happy, and well earned retirement.

We are all incredibly proud of you both.


May 7th 2010

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To Geoff and his 'right hand men', Magnum, Frank and Oscar.

And with endless respect to the police dogs and handlers of Cambridgeshire's Police Dog Section.


Poem - Copyright Kate Powell 2010

Portraits - Copyright Julie Rhodes 2010



Many thanks to Julie for such beautiful drawings. They are perfect !!

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Throughout my veins runs courage, of a nature seldom seen.

A burning, pure desire, of which others only dream:

You taught me how to track and chase,

through blackest nights and brightest days.

You channelled drive and nurtured play, ‘till we became a team.


And so I’m fearless by your side. I’m noble, strong and true.

My teacher, partner and my friend, I’d lay my life for you.

Within my heart this love beats strong.

Within my soul you shall belong....

Forever chasing right from wrong, ‘neath pulsing lights of blue.


We’re driven by a passion. We share the same desire.

On street, or trials, we are as one, and always will aspire

to be the best... a legend born.

The perfect team from dusk ‘till dawn.

With Honours always proudly worn, and hearts that beat with fire.


Until I take my final breath, my soul and yours entwine -

A friendship borne of morals which stand the test of time.

I’ll be your eyes.... be all you need

to capture those who live by greed.

For TRUTH our honest hearts will bleed....Two best friends, fighting crime.

Copyright  - K. Powell 2012